Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Big Announcement

Come join me in a retreat that will revitalize your body, mind and soul.  This is not a Quilt till you Wilt getaway... they are fun-filled, luxury Houseboat Quilting Retreat. 

I promise you a level of personal service and catering, which will ensure that your activities will be limited only to Patchwork and Quilting.

With good wholesome country-style food and scenery unsurpassed in the midst of the utmost Tranquility.


  1. Be sure to keep us all posted about this venture. Sounds wonderful

  2. OK, you got me!
    How much for 3-5 quilters from Frid lunch to Sunday lunch.

    I'm serious. We have been looking for something different. BTW, where is the houseboat?


  3. Hi Del,

    The final details are still being worked out as I've had a few bureacratic detours put in my path. I am overcoming them and I will be making the official announcement by the end of this week.

    The houseboats are at Mannum, Murray Bridge or the Riverland South Australia, and eventually I will be taking this business to the Quilters.

    So wherever there are the magic Trio

    A. Quilters,
    B. Houseboats and
    C. River, I will go !!

    Thanks for your patience - it will be worth it

    Anjii Solomon